Emergency Actions

Situation Action Call
  • If anyone is injured or property is damaged
Bomb Threat
If you receive a bomb threat listen carefully and find out:
  • When is the bomb to go off?
  • Where is the bomb now?
  • What kind of bomb is it?
  • What does it look like?
  • Why did the caller place the bomb?
9-911, Then 2300
Chemical Incidents:
In case of hazardous vapors, gases or spills.
  • Inform others to evacuate using the nearest exit.
  • If spreading, pull a fire alarm.
  • Evacuate to nearest parking lot or designated assembly area.
Theft, Vandalism, assault, etc:
  • Assaults: get victim to safety.
  • Stay with victim and call for help
Disruptive Person
  • Staff: contact a supervisor in the area.
  • Students: contact a faculty or staff member.
  • Keep something between you and the person.
  • Call for assistance if you cannot locate the supervisor or faculty-staff, or if person is threatening.
  • Evacuate to nearest parking lot.
9-911, Then 2300
Fire Smoke or fire
  • Activate the Fire alarm.
  • Evacuate building using the nearest exit.
  • Wheelchair users wait for assistance in stairwell.
  • Help those needing assistance.
  • Before opening any door, use back of hand to check for heat. IF HOT, DO NOT OPEN!
  • If heavy smoke or fire blocks an exit, use alternate exit.
  • Evacuate to nearest parking lot or designated assembly area.
9-911, Then 2300
Medical Attention Needed
Minor injuries:
  • Students: go to Student Health Services Office.
Medical Attention Needed Unconscious person or serious injuries:
  • Check for medic alert tag/bracelet; call for help.
9-911, Then 2300
Tornado Watch Conditions are favorable for tornado:
  • Monitor weather conditions.
Tornado Warning
Tornado sighted: siren emits steady tone for 3 minutes.
An all-clear message is not announced.
  • Evacuate to lowest level, interior room or hall.
  • Stay away from window, glass, large open areas.
  • Protect your head and face; get under a sturdy surface
    or structure.
  • Monitor weather by radio or weather alert radio.

Weather Alert Radio Locations:

  • Public Safety ext.2300 – Cofrin Library ext.2540
  • Residence Life ext.2040 – Computing ext.2308
  • University Information Center/Main Desk ext.2400
Actual or Threat:
  • Go to a safe location; get help.
9-911, Then 2300